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Allied/North American March 2015

Archive File Pull- 
*DISCLAIMER: These locations are from the archives and may look different and/or may not be currently available.

Post Parkside at Wade Apartments (64 images)

Anhut Home (338 images)

Others Scouted-

Solis Apartments at Crabtree (125 images )

Bexley Apartments at Carpenter Village (50 images)

Trinity Square (36 images)

Images from File:

Gordon Home (172 images) 

Voltz Home (146 images)

Bennett Home (76 images)

Hunnell Home (132 images)

Murray Home (141 images)  (A new large, nice home has been built in place of the small yellow one next door. I need to re-scout it)

Foulkrod Home (184 images)

Reynolds Home (96 photos)

Todd McClung Home (65 imags)

Alan Celeste Home (36 images)

Kirkley Home (84 images)

Gantt Home (104 images)

Hurst Homes 1 and 2 (133 images)

Flowers Plantation Neigborhood

30 Ellen Circle (94 images)

Nash Home (Formerly Reed Home) (139 images) Home has changed hands. Expect different furnishing (all brand new)

Finch Model Home (89 images)  Likely Occupied now with new owners. (Would need to be re scouted)

Finch Home  (150 images)

Townhome Options

Cavalier Home (27 images)