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MiniHex Raleigh Locations

Updated From Files

Voltz Home Sept. 2018

Rivera Home Sept. 2018
Scout Oct. 1st

Glenn Taylor Home EXT Oct 2018

Siegmond Home EXT Oct 2018

630 and 634 Daniels St Ral Oct 2018

Paunvich Home EXT Oct 2018


Anhut Home

Rinne Home

Glenn Elleen Taylor Home

Beam Johnson Home

Jordan Lake (May) Farm

Dembicks Home 2016

Voltz Home 2014

Garner Home

Russo Home 2016

Royster Home 2014

Petrich Home

Koonce Home

Beale Home (updated with new owners)

Breg Home

Guillou Home

Jordan Finch Home 2016

Wood Home 2016

Brinkley Home 2016

Jordan Finch Home 2016

30 Ellen Circle

Whispering Hope Exteriors around home

Reynolds Farm

Cummings Farm and Stables

Jason Summers Home