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Selects July 23, 2017

Only available Sun/Mon or Tuesday until 4 p.m.

Brewery Bhavana  (Scouted July 21st new pics!) Only available Sun/Mon. they open at 5 on Sunday.

Raleigh Times    Only available Sunday and Monday. I have reduced the images to the spaces that are available into a "Selects" folder HERE- EMPIRE SELECTS. I included the basements of Gravy and Sitti as well as their private courtyard and event space located behind them. The only space available at Raleigh times are the upstairs of the East rooms (far left if facing the restaurant) and the adjacent rooftop seating area. Quick shots of other areas are possible if shot before opening at 11 a.m.

Scout July 14, 2017

Pittsboro Roadhouse

Boylan St Brewpub

Poole's Diner

Berkely Cafe

Beasley's Chicken

File Pull July 13, 2017*

Garland (Closed Sun/Mon)

Mitch's Tavern

Humble Pie


Person St. Pharmacy

Gonza Tacos Ral

Trophy Brewing ONE



The Raleigh Times


Old Havana (Durham)

Ponysaurous Brewing (Durham)

Pizza Mercato (Carrboro)

Blue Note Grill (Durham)

Tylers Taproom (Durham)

Satisfaction (Durham)

Monuts (Durham)

The Pit (Durham)

*DISCLAIMER: These locations are from the archives and may look different and/or may not be currently available.