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Raleigh Sunrises Nov 2018
Dec. 4th Scout

The Dillon Sunrise CAMERA

The Dilon Sunrise PHONE (mostly Panoramas)

NOV. 30 Scout

The Dillon

NOV. 29 Scout

Holiday Inn Roof Pix FROM PHONE

Holiday Inn Roof Pix FROM CAMERA

Nov. 27 Scout

Dix Sunrise

S Saunders St Sunrise

Cloverleaf Sunrise

Holiday Inn Sunrise

Nov. 21st Scout

Boylan St Bridge facing East at sunrise Nov. 21st

Images from file/web pulls-

Raleigh Skyline is a local photographer that has several shots but most are sunSETs. There is a "sunrise/sunset" folder but you may want to check out other parts of his website.  Many are drone shots and I can direct you to their approximate position. Raleigh Skyline Website

Here are some others from off the web/my files- MORE Raleigh File Images
*Note the "Holiday Inn" Shots taken from their top floor restaurant facing East(ish). I think that this time of year it would look good to shoot from the roof. Let me know if you would like me to try to gain permission.

I found this timelapse taken from "Dix Hill" (a city park). No red ball in the sky as camera is facing NNE-
Raleigh Sunrise Timelapse