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Mower Project June 2018
Scout June 2nd

Jordan Lake (May) Farm

Misty Creek (Brinley) Ranch

Scout June 1st

Whispering Hope Exteriors around home

Reynolds Farm

Cummings Farm and Stables

File Pull May 30th- *Please note that these locations may have changed, been sold or otherwise not currently available.

Whispering Hope Farms ONE

Whispering Hope Farms TWO

Jason Summers Farm- mixture of grasses. generally, warm season by the house, fescue in the open spaces

Mark Hewitt Farm and Pottery Studio fescue in the hay fields, zoycia around the house and out buildings

Utopia Plantation (heavy rain) Bermusda close to the house, fescue in the open spaces and fields

May Christmas Tree Farm

Quail Roost Farms

Green Acres Farm

Triple R Ranch