LabCorp March 2021

Scout March 18, 2021

LabCorp Headquarters
(downtown Burlington)

Downtown Burlington
(partial; close to headquarters)

LabCorp Airport facility/hangers (Alamance County Regional Airport)

LabCorp PSC Facility

LabCorp CET (main testing facility)


Steve Exum Home

Scout March 19, 2021

Downtown Burlington Train Station Area

ABandT Building

Alison Gant Home

A. Gant Office (House)

Glen Raven Conference Center (House)

Poteat AirBnB

Glencoe Mill Village
Mill and surrounding streets

Chris Sims Home

Toni Murray Dill Home

Toni Murray Dill TWO

Christopher Waters Home

Tom and Lynn Cowan Home

Marinas Home

Scout March 21,2021

More downtown (Sunday afternoon)

Burlington City Park Ballfields


Chelsea Pifer Cabin
(talent provided) McLeansville is 30 min from Burlington

Chandra Pulliam Apartment

Kwame Duando Home (and Family)

LabCorp Emplyee (recs from Rob May)
Stephanie Wells Home

Marla Williams Home