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Whitelist Duke December 2019

Scout Dec 7th

Barbara Doll and Pete Home

Scout Dec 6th

Breshna and Jim Home

Felton Home (Directly behind Bresha's house across alley)

File Pull Dec. 4, 2019


Glen Ellen Taylor Home

Cleary Home

Taylor Home

Breg Home  (About 200 feet from Taylor Home)


Blew Home

Shep Smith Carraleigh Mills  (loft space)


Wade Durham Carraleigh Mills

Other Options

Rimby Home  (Images were taken in the middle of a remodel. I would need to re-scout)

Garner Home

Brinkley Home

Rivera Home  (In same neighborood as Guillou and Jordan Finch 2)

Jordan Finch Home 2  (in same neighborhood ad Guillou and Rivera Homes)

Anhut Home

Gordon Home  (Next door to Anhut Home)

Wood Home

Foulkrod Home

Liles Home

Smart Home  (modern)

Iverson Home

Remling Home

Cotton Home

Chris Clark Home (modern)

Gresham Home

Pearce Home

Gantt Home

*(Removed Stacy St, Rinne Home, Beam and Dembicks, Gaither)


Kuntz Home  (same neighborood)

Beth and Lee Lake House

Guillou Home  (This is located near Clayton, NC- 50 min from Durham, 30 from Raleigh)

Doll Home